Facility Management

We offer comprehensive maintenance service which can be tailored to your building needs;

Complex maintenance services we do provide:
1.    Implementation of 24 h, all year round security and access control(electronic or manned).
2.    Key holding and owners administrative support
3.    Cleaning of the common areas of the complex including: coridors, stiars, working areas, windows and pathwys.
4.    Payment of expenses for electric power and water supply of the common premises.
5.    Payment of expenses for heating of the common premises
6.    Maintenance of the swimming pool/s and jacuzzi, spa areas and sport facilities
7.    Maintenance of the common parts of the building with snags and repair of small damages under 200 euro.
8.    Control, maintenance and exploitation of all machines
9.    Lift maintenance
10.  Chimney sweeping for common area fireplaces
11.  Maintenance of the gardens and the fencing of the plot, park spaces and alleys, grass cutting.
12.  External litter clearance
13.  Snow clearance, Gritting/salting icy pathways and entrances
14.  Emergency support
15.  Comunal door  and gate locks installation and repairs
16.  Emergency lighting maintenance
17.  External lighting upgrades ( spot lights) and maintenance
18.  Desinfection works, Pest and vermil controls.
19.  Receiving and forwarding mail.
20.  Employment of auxiliary servicing personnel for the maintenance of the building and of all of its common parts.
21.  Payments of stock, supply and services necessary to run of the complex at agreed levels/standards.
22.  Check apartmetn security, doors, locks and windows
23.  In house, aditional individual property services, available to all onwers.
24.  Various other services adjusted to the complex maintenance needs

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